Types of Engineers

An engineer is a professional who implements various laws of science and mathematics and invents new technologies that can benefit mankind. Almost everything that we use in our daily lives is an invention of engineering, it can be a simple pen used for writing, or a space craft launched in the space. We can thus say that engineering is a very vast technical field of career development.

There are different types of engineers who specialize in specific disciplines of engineering. Mechanical, civil, chemical, electronics, and mining engineering are considered as some of the core branches of engineering. These disciplines are further divided into more specialized fields, like automobile, instrumentation engineering, etc. Each of these has different set of duties to perform. Logical thinking, good analytical ability, good understanding of scientific and mathematical laws, and implementing these laws in designing various equipment, are some of the basic requirements needed to be an engineer.

Different Types of Engineers

Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical engineers, as the name suggests, are engineers who deal with machines and tools. This is a vast field that implements the laws of physics and material science in producing various machinery and tools. The main courses included in study of mechanical engineering include, thermodynamics, kinematics, mechanics, fluid engineering, energy, material science, technical drawing, etc. Mechanical engineers use these principles in designing, building, and analyzing various equipment and machines required in different fields like production plants, industrial machines, automobiles, etc. Mechanical engineering is one of the core fields of technology and these engineers earn a good salary.

Automobile engineering and aerospace engineering are sub http://www.americanreality.co.uk/mythical-solutions-nano-drone-identified/ fields of mechanical engineering.

Electronics Engineers

Electronics or electronic engineers are those engineers who design, analyze, test, and supervise electronic equipment. They implement the typical behavior of electrons in producing various electronic devices, systems, and components. Transistors, diodes, integrated circuits, printed circuit boards (PCB), etc., are some of the basic components of any electronic device. These engineers are also involved in development of communication and broadcast systems and some of them also work in designing and developing computer hardware.

Instrumentation engineering, telecommunication engineering, signal processing, and control engineering are some of the sub fields of electronic engineering.

Chemical Engineers

Chemical engineers utilize various chemicals in manufacturing useful products that are used in daily life. They work on machines that can produce chemicals on a large scale. Planning, testing, and supervising these products are some of the main duties performed by chemical engineers. They research and try to produce environment-friendly products, and work to improve the quality of products like paints, fuels, plastics, etc. Chemical engineers are also involved in research and development of all the products that involve use of chemicals that include, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, and even food products.

Civil Engineers

The roads on which we drive our cars, the bridges which we use to cross rivers, the buildings we live in, the dams that provide water for us, are few of the infrastructures built by civil engineers. The main duties of a civil engineer can be listed as planning, designing, constructing, and maintaining the infrastructure built. These engineers are basically involved in the development of public projects. Other infrastructure projects handled by civil engineers are, building highways, railway bridges, tunnels, water reservoirs, sanitation plants, etc.

Structural engineering, coastal engineering, construction engineering, environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, etc., are some of the branches of civil engineering.

Other Types of Engineers

Aeronautical Engineers – They design, construct, launch and operate spacecrafts, aircraft, missiles, and rockets.

Biomedical Engineers – These engineers apply engineering laws for development of medical equipment.

Bio-mechanical Engineers – They work on research and development of mechanical equipment that can be used for human comfort and safety.

Computer/Software Engineers – These engineers are involved in design, construction and operation of computers to benefit mankind.

Nuclear Engineers – They work on nuclear plants, and devise different methods of utilizing nuclear energy to serve various purposes.

Agricultural Engineers – These engineers apply various engineering laws for development of the agriculture filed.

Mining Engineers – They work on extracting and purifying various minerals from Earth’s crust.

Electrical Engineers – These engineers are involved in research and development of electrical equipment like electric motors, electric supplies to buildings, etc.

Marine Engineers – They deal with design, construction, and maintenance of all equipment used in ships and boats.

This was a summary on the different types of engineers. Engineering is a growing field with great career opportunities in each of its discipline. It is therefore necessary to research the topic well before opting for a particular field.


Electric Car Batteries: Benefits And Drawbacks

So you’re thinking of getting an electric car? Well, one of the first things you need to do http://www.vision-globale.eu/using-street-legal-golf-carts-sale/ before getting one is to learn a few basic things about these vehicles — especially with regards to how they run and where they get their power. And like all things electric, an electric car relies on an independent power source — the battery.

A normal car (powered by an internal combustion engine) only needs the battery to start the engine as well as run the air conditioning system and the car stereo. That isn’t the case with electric cars. In fact, the battery used in electric cars runs about everything. When electric cars were first introduced, the primary concern was (and still is) the quality and reliability of the electric car battery, i.e. how long can the battery last before it needs to be recharged. Fortunately, the last few decades has produced significant improvements on how electric car batteries are made. Now we already have nickel metal hydride (NiMH), lead-acid and lithium-ion (Li-ion) types that are rechargeable and readily available in the market.

Compared to normal car batteries, how do electric car batteries fare? Here’s a look at the benefits:

Cost-effectiveness. For five bucks worth of electricity, your electric car can run for more than 300 kilometers. Now if you do the math and compare that with your current gas costs and equivalent mileage, you’ll see that going electric can be quite economic in the long run.

Cleaner & Greener. Although you still need to burn fossil fuels in order to generate the electricity needed to recharge electric car batteries, the pollution produced is very minimal compared to the pollution caused by internal combustion engines. Plus, with better power generation sources like nuclear plants, the level of carbon emissions in the process of recharging becomes even lesser.

Re-usability. Electric car batteries can be reused and recycled. So you don’t need to worry about how you can dispose of your battery pack.

However, like any new technology, electric car batteries are not perfect. Here are the drawbacks:

They’re heavy. Because electric car batteries are designed to provide more power, they need to be connected to battery packs to ensure heavy duty performance. And these battery packs are not light. A battery pack can weigh as much as half a metric ton. But don’t worry, there’s hope — manufacturers are designing electric cars with lighter body frames to offset the battery’s weight.

Recharging time. Unfortunately, there’s no technology available yet for quicker and easier recharging. You still need several hours of downtime before your electric car can run again.

Maintenance. Electric car batteries are still uncommon, which means the number of service stations which can do repairs is still fairly limited, too. And since they’re quite fewer, maintenance costs might be a bit higher, too.

No doubt, electric car batteries are still a work in progress. It has its own set of limitations but there’s still plenty of room for improvement. But in a few years, the new generation of batteries will be lighter, more economical and most importantly, more powerful. That’s certainly a comforting thought.

By: Guile Canencia

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

Guile Canencia is a writer and researcher for the IBC Japan Team. He is an avid blogger and likes to play soccer on weekends.

IBC Japan specializes in exporting used cars from Japan with regional distribution centers worldwide.

Great Slow Carb (4HB) Snack Ideas

As a relatively niche type of lifestyle, the slow carb diet doesn’t really have too many resources on the net with Google usually correcting “slow carb” to “low carb” when searching for tips. Some low carb snacks are great, but many do not fit the restrictions of the slow carb diet. Here is a list of some of my favorite slow carb friendly snacks.

Roasted VegetablesEven though most roasted vegetables are the particularly starchy ones not allowed by the diet, there are still some great ones that can be roasted. My favorites are roasted carrots and roasted cauliflower. I ordinarily don’t really enjoy them, but when they’re roasted, they just taste absolutely wonderful. Roasting the vegetables caramelizes the sugars naturally inside them so they taste sweet without any added sugar. 

They do take a bit of time, but a lot of it is just waiting around for it to bake. I make them once every so often when I need a little something sweet. 

Hard Boiled Eggs

Hard boiled eggs are an excellent snack both for at home, and when travelling. They are easy to make in bulk, delicious, and portable. An easy way to eat them on the go is to just pack it in a plastic bag. You can peel the egg, throw the shell back into the bag, and seal it up until you get to a trash can. You can even bring multiple hard boiled eggs in this fashion since they do have a shell to protect them.

Deli Meats

Deli meats are another great slow carb snack, if you pick the right one. Many of them contain 

added sugars so scan the ingredient list for things like corn syrup or honey. Also, take a quick look at the nutrition label and try to find the golden zero grams of sugar.

My personal favorite is the “Bold Chipotle Chicken Breast” from Boar’s Head. It has no carbs and no sugars (or at least a negligible amount) and tastes absolutely delicious! It’s also only 60 calories for 2 oz. of it! A few slices should be good for a http://www.silverdogs.co.uk/hidden-truth-krispy-kreme-pies-revealed-old-pro/ snack here and there or you could incorporate it into your meals for extra protein. Did I mention that it contains 13 grams of protein per serving? This could be another way to get your 30 in 30 every morning.

Fajita Chicken StripsPre-packaged, pre-cooked fajita chicken strips are a delicious, quick, and easy snack as well as a great source of quick protein. It’s a great idea to just keep a bag on hand in the fridge whether as a snack or an add-on to a salad or something similar to that. It only takes a quick spin in the microwave to prepare, or you can just eat them straight from the bag. At just about 110 calories for three ounces, you can pretty much eat as much as you want.NutsThe notion of having nuts on the slow carb diet has been debated, but they remain a delicious and healthy snack, if you can handle it. For many, including myself, they are a domino food so exercise judgement before reaching for the almonds. In my experience, it helps to weigh out servings and individually package them so I’ll have to walk back to the pantry if I want more. However, our personal experiences are all different so again, be careful.Low Sugar FruitsFruits aren’t technically allowed in the slow carb diet…Well, they’re outright banned. However, they are still delicious and nutritious and a little once in a while shouldn’t make a significant difference. Also, as Tim Ferriss says, we all need to self experiment. Don’t cheat at all for several weeks and observe the effects on your body. Then change one variable at a time until you have a lifestyle that’s right for you.

Even though they’re all technically banned, there are some that are better than others while slow carbing, namely, the ones lower in sugar[1]. They include the following:








Apples are especially great when travelling since they’re practically ready to eat anywhere and are very common (such as at those hotel breakfasts). There are also some high sugar fruits that should be ideally avoided. They include the following:










Again, experiment on yourself and see what works for you.

Quest BarsGasp! A protein bar? On the slow carb diet? Again, this is another highly debated food item, but they are indeed mostly compliant with the lifestyle. These protein bars are absolutely delicious and contain about 20 grams of protein with 1-3 grams of sugar.  There are about 25 total grams of carbs, but 16 grams of that are from fiber. 

Quest Bars have a binder of isomalto-oligosaccharide which is sweet, but high fiber and low calorie.[2] Quest Nutrition has two lines of Quest Bars. One uses artificial sweeteners (sucralose), and the other, sugar alcohol (erythriol) plus stevia.[3] I like to avoid artificial sweeteners when I can so I like the choices that Quest Nutrition gives us. Lots of flavors are great, but some are not so much. My personal favorite is their “Cinnamon Roll” flavor, but “Strawberry Cheesecake”, “Banana Nut Muffin”, and “Chocolate Peanut Butter” are also delicious. I’ve been warned to stay away from the “Lemon Cream Pie”, and I personally did not enjoy the “Peanut Butter and Jelly”.

You can find Quest Bars at GNC or you can order them online at Amazon or the official website.

Again, experiment with adding different things into your lifestyle and keep track of the way it affects your body. I haven’t heard anything negative about Quest Bars and slow carb, but who knows? Maybe it’s just a vocal minority praising them. The way that things affect you is the most important thing to consider.

Happy Snacking!

I hope you enjoyed these snacks and maybe keep some on hand if needed. Transitioning into a new lifestyle of health can be hard with both an internal struggle to stay on it as well as other people trying to convince us to stay with the status quo.

If you have a great slow carb snack idea that you’d like to share, please comment it below and I’d be glad to add it to the list! With the amount of resources available, we have to work together to make things easier for newcomers and be the ones to create those resources that are needed.

Thanks for reading and I wish you all the luck in finding success and sticking to the lifestyle.

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Apartment Locators or Apartment Database Sites – Which Is The Best For You?

Keyword Search

Apartment Locators or Apartment Database Sites – Which Is The Best For You?

 by: Kyle Thomas Haley

When you do a search on a Search Engine for “apartments” you are going to come across two types of Website resources; apartment locator sites and apartment database sites. Which is the best for you? Well, that depends on what your needs and circumstances dictate. It also has a great deal to do with your privacy comfort level.

The Apartment Locator Site:

If you are relocating to an area of the country that is totally new for you, someplace where you are unfamiliar with neighborhoods, schools, job http://www.eurocarecf.eu/the-dos-and-donts-of-rochester-ny-apartments-for-rent/ centers, transportation, etc., then the apartment locator may be your best choice. These folks respond to your query by making telephone contact with you. You will describe your circumstances, needs, budget and other preferences. The apartment locator is usually extremely knowledgeable about the area and the local rental market. They will be quite helpful in finding you rental accommodations that suit your particular needs. In most cases, this will be a totally free service. The apartment locator is normally paid a commission or “finder’s fee” from the landlord or rental agent. With regard to your privacy, however, keep in mind that you are required to share your telephone number with the apartment locator and be open to the idea of personal contact. You need to decide if, or how much, that is acceptable to your sense of privacy.

The Apartment Database Site:

Unlike apartment locators, apartment database sites offer a broad selection of on-line apartment listings. They give you intricate descriptions of apartment complexes including, but not limited to, maps, amenities, rent ranges, contact information, etc. Pictures of the apartment units, inside and out, are usually included. An excellent amount of data helps you decide if any particular rental unit meets your needs and satisfaction. When you are moving to an apartment that is located within your present living area or when you are relocating to an area that you are totally familiar with, an apartment database site might be the one for you. Most require a simple registration process which usually asks for name and email address. You need not submit your telephone number and you will not be contacted personally by anyone. Like the apartment locator, most apartment database sites are free to you. Sometimes you are even offered a bonus of $100.00 or more if you list their site as your referring source when you sign your apartment lease.

So, which is better for you, the apartment locator site or the apartment database site? The answer to that question is answered by your own unique needs, desires, situation and limits of personal privacy.

Good luck on your apartment search and good luck in your new apartment.

About The Author

Kyle Thomas Haley has been helping people relocate on the Internet since 1999 with Apartment and Relocation Websites:



Copyright 1999 – 2005 STANZEEKAY Inc. You have permission to publish this article, free of charge, as long as the bylines are included and none of the links or content are removed or changed.

This article was posted on December 19, 2005


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Underwear Brands Showcase Latest Collections in Las Vegas (PHOTOS)

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Whoever came up with that expression never thought about underwear trade shows.

On Aug. 19, 20, and 21, Las Vegas acted as the host to MAGIC Market Week’s Project Las Vegas and Project MVMT trade shows at Madalay Bay Convention Center. Brought together by creative director Tommy Fazio, Project Las Vegas is the premier contemporary fashion forum. It features seminars as well as exhibitions from designers who specialize in denim and other fashion, including underwear.

During Project Las Vegas, underwear brands such as Andrew Christian, 2(x)ist and more showed off the latest and greatest from their collections in hopes of winning over the press, new buyers, and retailers. To better show off their collections, these brands brought with them some attention-grabbing models. What better way to show off the fit of underwear than with a live model? Also, what better way to win over the crowds than with some eye candy?

Check out some of our favorite pics from the event below:





Check out more coverage from MAGIC Market Week’s http://www.mirajebordercollies.co.uk/promotional-modeling-agency-conspriracy/ Project Las Vegas and Project MVMT on The Underwear Expert.

The Underwear Expert is the ultimate resource for 200-plus men’s underwear brands, including BodyQ, Bon Bon Bodywear, Bonds and tons more. Visit us for the latest men’s underwear trends and more, and like us on Facebook here.